The SITEFY platform has been developed to enhance the joy and experience of property management. We understand that property management professionals are extremely busy and have competing deadlines on a daily basis, therefore SITEFY has been carefully designed to provide

Asset Management

Track facility assets that affect your bottom line.

Inventory Management

Monitor consumables to reduce waste.

Work Orders

Submit, assign and prioritize work order requests.

Workforce Management

Manage time, attendance, and labor costs.

Deficiency Reporting

Record and action deficiencies regarding the facility or its operations.


Stay on track with mandatory inspections and audits.

Space Availability

Manage shared space availability by streamlining operations.

Preventative Maintenance

Schedule facility and asset maintenance to reduce unexpected costs.

Digital Library

Create and manage a digital library accessible remotely.

Training Records

Reduce paperwork and administration of training records.

Task Validation

Ensure teams are completing the expected workloads.

Incident Reporting

Streamline various incident reporting by recording and informing necessary stakeholders automatically.


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Platform Keyfeatures

Capture KPIs

Document and report Fire,Life & Safety deficiencies in real time

Plan, measure and execute maintenance

tasks and manage vendors on-site

Provide cloud storage to save reports and important documents

Delivers data management and analytics to maximize property value and optimize


Integrates with other software

Deliver real time data while improving operational efficiency

Access to tools such as building Scorecard and property valuation.

Vendor Management

Funds Authorization Schedule

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    Copyright © 2021 Sitefy

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